The Dragon Knights of Io

Episode 3: Dr Grail & the H.O.L.I. Device

The Hellion Orbital Leviathan Interface!

Our Heroes go to Dr. Grail’s mountain home, meeting a group of beautiful women who claim to be assistants and servants to the great Dr. Grail, who had gone walking along one of the treacherous mountain paths near his home a few years previously and never returned.

Kept waiting and given the runaround by these “assistants” LP eventually acted out…. and just in time! Because it turns out that the “assistants” were not “assistants” at all but in reality were Valkyrie Agents from the planet Venus with orders to kill anyone who got in there way!

While fighting (and brutally killing) Valkyrie Assassins, our heroes were eventually able to summon their mechs and turn the tide! With most of the Valkyries defeated, they decided to investigate a locked door that seemed to be of interest to the dearly departed Valkyries.

LP thinking that perhaps this lock was the reason that everyone was trying so desperately to get a member of the royal line….. decided to see if her bio-print would open the door, which of course it did!

Inside LP discovered the final recording of the late great Dr Grail. He told her that he had built a terrible device. The Hellion Orbital Leviathan Interface, which allowed the user to turn the wyrmgate system into a super weapon!

Before the last war there was going to be a new gate build by the 5Dragon5 Corperation. This gate would be located as close to the sun as possible, and have a vast array of solar “wings” attached to it. These wings would collect solar energy that would then be stored in massive batteries. These massive batteries would then be gated to the planets in the solar system, providing energy. Unfortunately before the gate was completed the war broke out and the project was abandoned…. or so everyone was lead to believe. In reality the gate was complete but the internal living stations had not yet been complete, and the gate was never activated.

After the war, Dr. Grail was to work on a way to increase the yield of the solar collection, because it had been discovered that even if the gate WAS operating at 100% it would never generate the power assumed before it had been built.

But when Dr. Grail thought he was working on an instrument of peace, he was actually working on an instrument of war. Using the HOLI Device it was possibly to create and direct a massive solar flare. Using the wyrmgate (Now known as the Black Gate) this solar flare could be directed through the gate and out another gate in the system… and at any planet/moon in the system!

Knowing that this technology was too powerful but unable to honorably destroy his creation. Dr Grail decided to leave the decision up to the Royal Family and decided to end his life.

His last words on the recording were a plea for the person watch to please destroy the device, for it is far too powerful, whoever controls the Black Gate controls the entire System!

After watching LP collected the device, that appears to look like a crown, and returned to Sir Greg, who had news of his own… Martians lead by LP’s turncoat brother Gunder were incoming.

Deciding that flight was better than fight, our heroes fled the area and returned to the Albatross.

On the Albatross they discovered that both the forced of Earth and Mars were fighting over the skies of Io between them and the wyrmgate. Unable to gate directly to the Black Gate (it was never added to the network so it can only call out, not in) they decided they needed to try get past both armadas and gate to Mercury!

Guarding the Albatross in their Armour, things were looking up for our heroes until right before the gate they were confronted by none other than L4-NC3-L07! Using every resource they had available the knights mortally wounded L4-NC3-L07 and sent him flying into the Aether of an uncompleted gate.

Their path clear, the Knights and the Albatross gated to Mercury.

Above Mercury they were unable to avoid the attention of the Emergent…. but it seems they were ignored after leaving their territory.

Days later the ship finally arrives at the Black Gate…


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