Pudgy Bothan | Smuggler: Scoundrel





32 year old, Male, about 1.4m tall and 85kg. Thick but quick, with brown fur, a reddish brown mane and golden eyes. Short and Stocky for a Bothan. Grizzled and unkempt. Prefers a life of comfort and excess, but when the Bantha Dung hits the fan… he is ready to fight.


EMANCIPATION: Sees slavery and indentured servitude as an abomination that must be undone. He’ll go out of his way to aid or attempt to free anyone kept in slavery.


BOUNTY 10: Drekk Ky’Drell is wanted by Teemo the Hutt for betrayal. As well as a bounty for being a member of both the Zann Consortium & the Free Blades.

FAMILY (FREE BLADES) 10: Sometimes Drekk must help out the Free Blades, to settle issues, for profit with(out) the Zann Consortium or with their efforts to free slaves.


The Early Years

Born into slavery Drekk Ky’Drell worked for the feared pirate Scarbelly the Hutt on his fleet ship, The Black Locust. Serving as his cabin boy and then personal assistant.

As Scarbelly’s servant, Drekk became his eyes and ears for the crew as well as guests. With his status as a simple servant to steal secret information from guests, find out account numbers, or even just glance at their hand while playing cards. Drekk was not the only secret spy and these activities did not go unnoticed, though no one at the timed pinned it on Drekk. Rather a myth began about Scarbelly’s “Tiny Vrelts”.

As the years progressed Scarbelly began to become crueler with outbursts of rage. Drekk from his close position saw this as it was, some form of madness. Drekk was unable to tell the rest of the crew this unfortunately because many of the crew were also secret ears for Scarbelly, as well as the issue that being Scarbelly’s personal assistant made Drekk appear untrustworthy to the rest of the crew. Living close to Scarbelly meant, better living and food but also being in close proximity to Scarbelly and his frequent tantrums and cruelty.

The “Tiny Vrelt” Drekk, soon discovered of a slave crews plot to assassinate Scarbelly and become a group of Free Privateers, who would then work as a pirate republic with the goal of freeing other slaves. Either through coin or the sword. At first unsure about what to do, Drekk continued to monitor them… eventually helping them out secretly with information. After watching for a while, Drekk discovered a plot, within the plot. Some of Scarbelly’s other ears had infiltrated the mutiny under Scarbelly’s orders.

With the plan to expose them all and execute them. Drekk didn’t want to get involved, but was unable or unwilling to let the slaves be murder and secretly believing in their cause he decided to do something about it. Quickly using all his abilities as a spy, Drekk, stealthed, lied and stole his way to gathering a list of all of Scarbelly’s “Tiny Vrelts” giving the list to the mutiny leader Barbadda. He then tricked Scarbelly to come out in the open.

Scarbelly thinking that everything was going to plan was shocked to find out in his confrontation with Barbadda that every single one of his spys loyal lieutenants had been murdered or subdued, all except Drekk… who Scarbelly believed to be still loyal. Drekk betrayed Scarbelly, opening up an advantage for Barbadda to finally slay the mad Hutt. Drekk was welcomed into the new pirates ranks.now calling themselves the Free Blades. The Free Blades attack or sabotage any organization who harbor or trade in slaves.

More Recently

Drekk has been working on his own, but still in league with the Free Blades and their goals.

Working as a Spy for the Zane Consortium Drekk has infiltrated Teemo’s organization in order to gather proof (or creat some) that Teemo is working with the Empire against the Zane Consortium’s interests.

Unknown to Tyber Zann though, Drekk is also secretly working against the Zann Consortium with hopes of using them to supply arms for the Rebellion as well as try to change the Consortium’s policy on slavery.

Things changed when Drekk met a recently awakened Droid named KDY-33 after winning him in a Sabacc game. Drekk was pretty sure that the previous owner was trying to lose and the registration was an obvious forgery. But with a droid under his control Drekk formed a plan.

Hiding a blaster on ’33, Drekk brought him to the slave yards on Mos Shuuta, Drekk planned to trade ’33 for a slave of approximate worth and let ’33 infiltrated the slave yards and free as many slaves as possible.

Knowing that after today his cover would be blown, Drekk sent Zann all the information that he had on Teemo as well as siphoning a large amount of credits from Teemo’s accounts and depositing it with the Free Blades.

His escape route planned. Everything should have worked out fairly well. Drekk managed to trade KDY-33 for a Trandoshan Slave and was just about to leave when all hell broke loose.

For some reason KDY-33 had grabbed a blaster rifle from one of the guards and was murding every guard in sight! At the same moment Drekk noticed that a few gamorrean guards across the plaza with a familiar Twi’lek spy and (former) associate pointing at him, and likely selling him out. Tossing a blaster to his recently purchased Trandoshan slave. Drekk decided that now would be a good time to leave.


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