The Dragon Knights of Io

Episode 4: The Black Gate!

Sounds scary... is scary.

Our heroes have the Albatross land in one of the Black Gates docking bays and begin to search the Station, while the Albatross does patrols around the exterior.

Eventually the Knights come across what appears to be an abandoned “camp” site. Investigating the site they find the remains of a group of Scavenger Pirates…. who all appear to have been murdered in their sleep. Oh and there is one sleeping area that is empty… creepy…

Investigating a little further the Knights stumble upon the Operations Room for the Gate.

While inside LP decides that now is the time to use the HOLI Device. She places it on her head and

…. ????

??? ….

Having managed to overcome the dark whispering of MerGN-A Lady LP races to help Sir Greg, only she knows that the Second Emergent Fleet is just out of sensor range. While the Crippled Earth and Martian Fleets fight before the gate, Sir Greg sees the Albatross heavily damaged and barely holding together. And he Fleets Jammers are still blocking all communication.


edgey edgey

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