The Dragon Knights of Io

Episode 2: The Path Becomes Clear

The hunt for Dr. Grail begins!

Having escaped Mars, our heroes (unable to Jump to an other planet due to the Wyrmgate being blockaded) ventured to the Martian moon Phobos.

On Phobos, Sit Greg met up with an old associate George the Red to try and get a little information.

George the Red would only give the Knights information if they agreed to fight a duel in his area with two of his gladiators. The Knights, with no other option agreed.

Victorious in battle, George the Red gave our heroes some information on what was going on.

  • Bethany was originally kidnapped by the Sons of Scion who actually work for L4-NC3-L07.
  • Bethany was rescued from the Sons by Arthur and taken to Earth.
  • Apparently both Mars & Earth (& likely Venus) want a person from the Kim family. Getting LP to come to Mars was just a way to try kidnap her.
  • Rumor has it that Dr Grail, a scientist who used to work on Io developed a device that could turn the Wyrmgates into a weapon, and both Earth and Mars want to get their hands on it.

With that information the knights booked passage on a cargo ship to Io and got past the blockade.

Back on Io without their Armor or Ship, they scouted around for a place to hang low and wait for the Albatross.

When the Albatross finally showed up, it was decided that they needed to get something to let them deploy their Armors faster. While deciding this Sir Greg heard about a near by army base that had some Knightfalls.

  • Knightfalls are giant boxes that Armor can be placed in and dropped from orbit onto a target location.

With Sir Greg infiltrating the base and Lady LP creating a distraction, our heroes managed to steal two Knightfalls from the base.

Later, dressed as gardeners, the knights sneaked into the Royal Palace in Dragon City and into the royal garden.

LP managed to remember the location of Dr Grail’s Lab and they broke in. They didn’t find much information, but they did find an address to Grail’s home.


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