The Dragon Knights of Io

Episode 1: A Quest Begins.

Intrigue between Knights & Martians

LP Kim, older sister to the Maiya Kim, Empress of Jupiter’s Moon Io was approached by her overweight and slimy brother Gunder (councilor to the empress) in the royal court .

He told her some grave news, her younger (and easy) cousin Bethany (the other black horse of the family) had apparently run off (yet again) to Mars had gotten herself kidnapped by a militant group known as The Sons of Scion. And LP has been the one appointed to either pay the ransom or get get Bethany back by any means possible…. as long as it was discrete. Promising to do everything in her power to save Bethany.

Setting out on the ISS Albatross, (captained by a Captain Tang) LP met her new partner, a young knight from a Merchant family, Sir Greg Veritas. Sir Greg managed to secure the Captains quarters, which he promptly gave to LP and they discussed the mission. Sir Greg also spend some time dwelling over his sinking suspicion that Tang and his crew were not simple merchants.

Their trip was a short one and the ISS Albatross set down on Mars. LP & Greg were informed that the ISS Albatros was at their disposal for the length of their quest, so they did not have to worry about lodgings.

Deciding to set out immediately the Knights first decided to try gather a bit of information on the Sons of Scion. Finding out that they seem to have originally run drugs and black market deals and now have branched out into global extortion, the Knights hatched a plan of desperate action.

Going to a space port known to be controlled by the Sons, Greg pretended to be a merchant looking to purchase “protection”. There they were told to go to the Lady Casino

At the Lady of Dust Casino they work out a deal for their “protection” and head back to the Albatross, with a promise that the Son’s will be in touch.

On the was back to the Albatross the Knights notice that they are being followed, but they manage to ditch the tail and make it back to the ship. Strangely on the way they hear radio coverage that Bethany Kim is actually on Earth, safe and sound.

Back at the Albatross our heroes decide to take off for Earth. Unfortunately for them, Captain Tang tell them that they have failed to get clearance and that it appears that three Knights in ARMOR are closing in!

An epic battle between the 2 Knights of Io and the 3 Knights in Scion Armour takes place over the city, as the ISS Albatross tries to make its escape.

The knights succeed in vanquishing all three enemies, but barely make it on board in time before the Albatross blasts off into space!


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