There is but one settlement on the whole of Uranus, sought by few and seen only by a handful. The Temple of Infinite Heavens offers spiritual contemplation on the edge of civilized space. The Zodiac Templars seek to balance mind, body, and spirit. There are twelve Templars, one for each of the constellations from which each takes their call sign. Their heraldry is emblazoned on their armour and their bodies in all knights who clash in armour.

They forsake the neurohelm in favor of a direct link between their nervous system and their armour. Templar cockpits feature a meditation tank filled with a highly conductive suspension fluid, giving the knight superior control over their armour. While armour directed by neurohelm can stay rigid, idle Templar armour often displays human characteristics like scratching and coughing while the Templar is inside the meditation tank. The Templars are notoriously silent when questioned about any pain they might feel when their armour is damaged.

The head of the Temple is called the Polaris, rumored to be bound to the Temple itself for the rest of their life. The tests one must endure to become the Polaris are a highly guarded secret. One Templar claimed that her Polaris was chosen after he stayed in his armour for a full month without food or drink.

The Zodiac Templars are becoming a more common sight outside of the Temple. Do they bend knee to Arthur? Are they his secret agents searching for MerGN-A? Do they seek a new Polaris to lead them? Is there a rebellion against their current Polaris? Could they be sleeper agents of the Emergent, or even a new model of Emergent built to look like humans? The Templars leave all such questions unanswered, remaining one of the biggest mysteries in the entire system.


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