Medium (+0) Avatars, smaller drones; no personnel.

Large (+1) Starfighters, small craft, class scout, flyer, space combat drone;
up to 10 m3 volume; maximum 2 personnel.

Huge (+2) Most starships; up to 10,000 m3 volume; maximum 100 personnel.

Enormous (+3) Capital ships, manowars, small sky cities; up to 10 million m3 volume;
maximum 10,000 personnel.

Regional (+4) Space stations, asteroids, large sky cities; up to 10 billion m3 volume;
maximum 1 million personnel.

Continental (+5) Orbital habs, large asteroids, sky nations; up to 10 trillion m3 volume;
maximum 100 million personnel.

Ship Departments
Rather than Skills ships have invocation abilities that can be used once per scene per box. LIke a free aspect invocation. These default at 0, each size of ship gets one for free. Plus one point in Bridge & Helm.

Ship Abilities
Bridge & Helm
Security & Marines (each box also adds +1 Physical Stress)
Tactical (each 2 boxes also adds +1 Weapon Damage to one weapon)
Engineering & Structure (each box also adds +1 Physical Stress)
Systems & Communications (each box also adds +1 Mental Stress)
Science & Medical (each 2 box also adds +1 Mental Stress)

Ship Systems
All Ships also have systems like mechs with a few differences.

Crews - Allow the ship to do additional actions. They get 4 skill points to divide as they wish.
Weapons - A weapons system is REQUIRED for ship to ship combat. Without it the ship usually can’t attack in space. Weapons systems either grant Damage +1 (or +2 vs shields only) or an extra Ability to Tactical. Weapons can be bought multiple times.
Shields - Additional protection. Armor 1. Can be bought multiple times.
Armor - Extra physical stress box.

Cargo is 2 + size + X


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